The Health Benefits of a Superfood

Superfood is nothing but a popular marketing term for a food claimed to provide exceptional health benefits, mostly due to an extraordinary nutrient density. The word is generally not used by medical professionals, dietitians and other experts, most of who challenge the claims of their proponents that these foods possess the supposed health advantages. Nevertheless, a certain section of the population has started believing in superfood phenomenon, especially with the numerous reports in media like Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray on their talk shows, websites and books, which invariably mention some of the famous superfoods or foods, like Blueberries, Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Amalaki, Pomegranate, Papaya, etc. This is not surprising, as these foods are all-natural and are highly consumable, cheap on health care bills, and have abundant dietary fiber. It is difficult to question their efficacy in fighting numerous health challenges, unless one opts for expensive and synthetic prescription drugs!

Oats are one such food, which has been gaining prominence as a superfood and has come up with better options than the customary whole grains. As suggested by Dr. Mercola of the University of California, oatmeal is a very healthy food, which helps you lose weight by virtue of its content of soluble fiber and bran, which facilitates weight loss. Oats are also low in fat and calorie content. Thus, consuming oatmeal on a regular basis can help you lose weight without having to compromise on your diet!

Quinoa is another superfood and, to a lesser extent, a superfood in terms of flavor and fiber. It is made from grain like millet, buckwheat, semolina and wheat. One of the interesting facts about quinoa is that it contains protein, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and several B vitamins and is a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. The demand for martialartscostamesa super food products far exceeds that for other whole grains.

Chlorella is another one of those superfoods and is gaining ground as a popular remedy for water retention. Chlorella contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorophyll, vitamin C and vitamin E. It also helps regulate insulin levels and cholesterol. Chlorella and seaweed have a symbiotic relationship whereby the latter helps to cure some of the ochre stomach disorders. Chlorella is used as a folk remedy in some parts of the world and in this form it is believed to have many healing properties. This superfood can also be added to a diet to aid weight loss.

Curcumin is another superfood that is very high in antioxidants, particularly vitamin A and vitamin C. It is found in curry powders, ground almonds, peanuts, coconut products, turmeric, papaya, tomatoes, and collards. Consuming curcumin helps lower cholesterol levels and thus helps to prevent coronary artery disease. Some fruits are high in curcumin like apples, oranges, strawberries, pears, and watermelon. Consumption of oats is also believed to help lower cholesterol. Oats are a good source of vitamin B12 as well as folic acid.

One of the last but certainly not the least is quinoa. Quinoa is an unrefined grain that is made from the root of the plant called quinoa. It has high amounts of vitamin B, iron, zinc, copper, protein, vitamin A and vitamin C. Since quinoa is gluten free it is considered a very safe and healthy alternative to whole grains.

Now that you have been introduced to some of the most nutritious fruits and vegetables on the planet, it is time to talk about some of the health benefits of the superfoods. In addition to providing important minerals and nutrients, some fruits are also high in antioxidants. Avocado is one of these fruits. It is a good source of vitamin A, D, E and riboflavin. It contains more than 24 percent of the latter as compared to spinach. In fact, avocado is one of the most powerful antioxidant foods available.

Aside from providing needed vitamins and minerals, superfoods also play a big role in preventing chronic diseases like heart disease. It has been found out that berries have a certain property that greatly reduces the chances of developing cardiac problems. In fact, studies have shown that men who eat a lot of blueberries tend to live longer than those who don’t. Blueberries are considered to be a powerful antioxidant that helps in cleaning the arteries, lowering cholesterol, preventing diabetes, preventing cancer and slowing down aging. In fact, studies have shown that by consuming at least four servings of blueberries a day, you can lower your risk of various kinds of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.