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Select 2 Appetizers, 2 Side-Salads, 1 Sandwich, 2 Mini-Desserts, and 2 Beverages

Antoinette PACKAGE

Appetizers (Select 2) Bruschetta: Tomato, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, parmesan cheese on toasted sourdough bread Royal Hound: Puff pastry-wrapped hot dog Pita Chips & Hummus Taboolie salad Vegetarian Dollma Yogurt and cucumber Dip with pita chips Seasonal Fruit Tray Vegetable Tray Salads (Select 2) Strawberry Poppy: Spinach, sliced strawberries, blue cheese, sliced almonds,  Home made poppyseed dressing Orchard: Spinach, apples, blue cheese, […]

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