Farewell from the Queen

Queens Bakery Cafe

Farewell from the Queen

Dear patrons of the Queen’s Bakery Café, we regret to inform you that as of April 1, 2014, the Queen will be shutting the doors to the palace in search of a new and larger location.

The current palace will be transferred to new generals of the Queen, the palace will now hold the banner of “Royal Tea & Treat” and most importantly will continue to provide sweet delights.

If you have an invitation, coupon or offer from the Queen, now would be the time to bring it to the palace and redeem before the Queen leaves on her journey. The palace will honor all offers while the doors are open, but once the generals take control, the Queen will not be there to honor your favors anymore.

The Queen invites you to write the Queen on Facebook and stay in touch. So join the conversation atwww.facebook.com/TheQueensBakery.For all the joy the Queen brought to you, bring her joy will a farewell or “See you soon Queen”.


Queen’s Bakery Cafe..